Sometimes during the course of running a business, one has to make the difficult decision of ceasing its operations.  Those who hope to revive the business in the future may leave it dormant until such time but if it is otherwise, then the best option is to get its name struck off the Registrar at Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

First and foremost, you would need to ascertain that your company meets all the criteria and requirements for striking off. This is where our secretarial services expertise comes into play. We will ensure that your company qualifies for striking off before we proceed with submission to ACRA.

Before we submit the application, there are documentation which need to be prepared (please refer to Documents And Information Required From You below).

After we have ensured that your accounting and corporate tax reports (if applicable) are in order, we will begin the process of striking off your company by submitting an application to ACRA under Section 344 of the Companies Act. It is to be noted that, only when ACRA has reasonable cause to believe that you are no longer carrying on business and all criteria for striking off have been satisfied, will it then approve your application.

Thereafter, ACRA will follow through with the striking off process and upon no objections from any party, ACRA would finalise the striking off.  This process would usually take a  few months from start to completion.


A one-time fee of S$385 (inclusive of all government filing fees to ACRA)

  • Analyzing and Advising on the most cost-effective solution to successfully strike off the company
  • Preparation of all necessary paperwork and documentation as required by ACRA
  • Application and filing with ACRA (inclusive of all government filing fees)
  • Liaising and handling of all queries from ACRA on your behalf
  • Monitoring the process and updating you till the company has been struck off the registrar of companies
  • Preparation of final tax clearance required for striking off a company
    Add On @ S$200 nett only
  • Preparation of final tax computation, supporting tax schedules, Form C or C-S for closing down company
    Add On @ S$400 nett only
  • Preparation of final set of accounts and compilation of unaudited financial report for striking off purpose
    Add On @ S$400 nett only
  • Bookkeeping & AccountingApplies if you have backlog to clear
    Add On @ S$100 per 25 transactions only
  • Registered Office Address Services – Minimum engagement of 6 months
    Add On @ S$20 per month only
  • Named Company Secretary – Minimum engagement of 6 months
    Add On @ S$30 per month only
  • Nominee Director Services – Minimum engagement of 6 months
    Add On @ SGD $150 per month only + S$1,500 refundable security deposit
  • Resolution and Letter for closure of Company Bank Account
    Add on @ S$50 only
  • Latest set of audited / unaudited financial statements compilation report
  • Final Tax Clearance
  • Final Tax Computation, Supporting Tax Schedules and Form C or Form C-S
  • Final set of financial statements compilation report

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Why Appoint Our Service For Striking Off Your Singapore Company?

  • We have the knowledge and experience in helping many companies get their names struck off from the Register.
  • We advise accordingly so that the company fulfils all the conditions for striking off.
  • As a professionally licensed secretarial firm, we are allowed to carry out the striking off process without being appointed as your Company Secretary.
  • You save cost in not having to pay extra to reappoint a new Company Secretary.
  • There is no unexpected additional invoices at the end as our published rates are nett pricing, one flat fixed fee structure.
  • We ensure that you understand our fee structure and scope of work before commencement.
  • You will not receive any variation orders unlike other secretarial firms in this industry.
  • We have a 100% track record of successful company de-registrations.

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