What are the duties of a Company Secretary?

A Company Secretary, being an officer of a company, has certain responsibilities in term of administration matters and is responsible in ensuring that all compliance obligations are adhered to.

The following are to be properly established and maintained:


  • Index of Members
  • Transfers
  • Directors, Managers, Secretaries and Auditors
  • Debenture Holders and copies of Trust Deeds
  • Substantial Shareholders
  • Directors’ Interests in Shares, Debentures, Participatory Interests, Rights, Options and Contracts under which there is entitlement of benefits or he/she is a party
  • Charges and the Instruments which created the Charges
  • Interest Holders (other than shares, debentures, etc)
  • Branch Registers
  • Minute Books of Members’ Meeting and
  • Minute Books of Directors’ Meetings


  • Prepare and lodge in time, all returns including any changes in relation to the company, that are to be filed as required by ACRA.
  • Administer, attend and prepare AGM Minutes
  • Ensure statutory requirements and provisions compliance
  • Upkeep, update and maintain the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Ensure safe custody and proper use of the company seal, if any

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